Retreats are flexible in terms of location,

length, format and topics.

However, in general I offer two types of retreats.

Space for God Retreats

These retreats typically begin at 7pm and end about 4pm either the next day for a one day retreat or the following day for a two day retreat. The focus of these retreats is to create time and space for intentional attentiveness to God’s both quiet voice and gentle movement. As such most of the time is spent in silence and solitude or walks with another person. There are 2-4 short gathering times for instructions, teaching, examples and reflections followed by time and space with God. During these retreats I always offer time for one on one Spiritual Direction of anyone who would like it. These retreats are best in smaller groups of 8-12 participants.

Spiritual Formation Retreats

These retreats operate on a similar timeline as the Space for God Retreats beginning at 7pm and extending 1 or 2 nights. The main difference is the focus or purpose. While there will still be time to be alone with God, there are more teaching sessions and they tend to be more in depth. Rather than just giving a quick summary of a prayer practice and an example before heading off, time is spent in deeper teaching about Spiritual Formation, loving both God and self and more detailed instruction on specific Spiritual formation practices. Examples might include silence and solitude, sabbath keeping, lectio and imaginative prayer, forming a rule of life and many others. This can be offered to either small groups or larger groups and depending on the size of the group, one on one Spiritual Direction sessions can be offered.