I thought I had survived all the spiritual and emotional turmoil of the previous three years. A little bruised and shaken maybe, but fully intact and ready to carry on. Then I began spiritual direction and through these sacred friends I slowly became aware how damaged, hurt and utterly broken I really was, and that it was not only impacting my life but also the lives of those around me. Spiritual direction helped me to become more honest, aware, vulnerable and transparent with my emotions, fears and shame. Through the co-listening of another, I also began to hear the voice of the one who loves me no matter what and I began to be more attentive to God’s presence in my life and in the world around me. This is the gift of spiritual direction.



“Imagine God thinking about you.

What do you think God feels when you come to mind?”

“At the centre of the universe is a relationship.

This is the most fundamental truth I know. At the centre of the universe is a community.

It is out of that relationship that you and I were created”

-Darrell Johnson, Experiencing the Trinity

I have worked in pastoral ministry since 1990, first as a youth pastor then as an Anglican priest up until June 2019. In 2014 I attended Soul Formation’s “Academy of Spiritual Formation” followed by the “School of Spiritual Direction”. This began my journey in Spiritual Direction, learning to be more attentive to my soul care needs, to the presence and activity of God in my life and the world, and lives of those around me.



Listening to people and giving them space to help them to be more attentive to God’s presence and movement in their lives is what Spiritual Direction is about.   Helping people to then be attentive to the presence and movement of God in the world and in the lives of people around them is where Space for God retreats and Spiritual Formation retreats come into play.

     – Ken Bell